Carriers Lunch has been initiated in September 2000 and has grown to the major informal ICT Networking platform in Switzerland. Carriers Lunch has expanded strongly because of the efforts of all participants from out of the Carriers, Carrier related Services, Internet und IT informing colleagues and friends on the existence of this platform or even take them with them.

Throughout the year, seventeen regular Luncheons and seven Special Events are being organised in Zurich and Geneva. The events in Zurich normally take place on the first Friday of every month, for the events in Geneva it is the third Friday. Only the Dinners will always take place on Thursday evenings in order to keep the Fridayevening free.

For most of the events, the procedure is in place that for every event, just one sponsor is required. The Sponsor is restricted to sponsor only drinks during the whole event, Lunch will be taken care of by the participants itself.

The Sponsor is allowed to hold a presentation on the company, new developments, new products and give the whole event some kind of personal creative marketing touch with flyers, banners, give-aways...


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